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On Wall TV Installation Brentwood, TN

The over fireplace tv installation pictured above is located in a luxury home in Governors Club in Brentwood, TN. It was one peice of a substantial home automation project that help United Audio Video Systems win the title of "Unsurpassed Dealer" during the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) trade show last year. For more information about our award winning projects see our Home Automation Gallery.

On Wall and Over Fireplace TV Mounting and Installation Services starting @ $199.99

Looking for a TV installation price? Our services start at $199.99. There are numerous variables that affect the cost of mounting a TV on the wall or above a fireplace. How far away is an electrical outlet? How many HDMI cables do you need and what length? Do you have a mount or do you need to purchase one from us? Are you wanting to hide the AV equipment or do you need a remote to consolidate them all into one? We can ask all the appropriate questions and give you an estimate right over the phone. Call today to schedule an appointment.

AC Outlet Relocation

BUYER BEWARE!!! Many of our competitors that offer TV installation are not insured, licensed nor allowed to install or relocate an AC outlet to power your TV. They will quote an installation price and surprise you with hidden charges to add or relocate an AC outlet after the fact or leave the power cord hanging outside the wall. United AVS offers solutions to prevent this and will always include power to the TV in the price quoted. Always be sure to ask if an AC Outlet is included or if there are additional charges!

On Wall TV Mount Installation with Sound Bar - Nashville, TN

Basic Living Room Wall Mounted LED TV with Wall Mounted Sound Bar

On Wall TV Mounting Nashville, TN

Basic On Wall TV Mounting Service includes mounting the TV using a fixed or tilting wall mount. Typically 2 to 3 In-wall rated HDMI cables are run inside the wall to carry audio and video signal from the source components like a cable or satellite receiver, blu-ray player and/or a streaming media device like a Roku or AppleTv to the TV. Wall plates are provided to make the installation look clean and professional. The AV equipment is typically located below the TV on or in a piece of entertainment furniture as shown in the picture above. There are numerous other options for equipment placement. See below for more details.

When it come to On Wall TV Mounting... No one in our area has serviced more clients than Us!

We have been providing TV Mounting Services in the Nashville area ever since Flat Panel TVs first hit the market in 1997. Over 19 years our crew has collectively mounted and installed well over 3000 flat panel TVs. As on wall and over fireplace TV mounting has grown in popularity we have had days that our team has installed as many as 10 TVs in an 8 hour day. Place your trust in United Audio Video Systems... This is far from our first rodeo!

TV Above Ventless Gas Fireplace with Dry Stack Rock - Franklin, TN

Audio video Equipment Hidden Inside Cabinet

Over Fireplace TV Installation Franklin, TN

Just like many of our other clients this customer located in Westhaven in Franklin, TN purchased a new home where the ideal location for the TV was above the fireplace. The builder placed an AC outlet and a coax cable above the mantel, however didn't plan ahead for other components like a Blu-Ray player, streaming media device or game system. We relocated the coax cable for the cable box down inside the cabinet and ran 4 in wall rated hdmi cables up to the tv allowing us to hide the components inside the cabinet next to the fireplace. We tied it all together with an automation processor and a remote control allowing the cabinet doors to remain closed and giving the customer the ability to upgrade to other Home Automation products in the future. See our Home Automation page for more information.

Mounting a TV on Dry Stacked Rock

A dry stacked stone fireplace in a modern home doesn't use the method of dry sack when assembled. True dry stack masonry is a method used for building a retaining wall or barrier much like the stone walls you see throughout the south built during the civil war and implies that no mortar was used during construction to hold the stones in place. When people refer to a dry stacked stone fireplace they are simply referring to the aesthetics or look of the fireplace. The method of construction in this type fireplace does in fact use mortar to adhere the "stone" to the wall, it's just on the back of the stone where it can’t be seen. The "stone" is more often than not a synthetic veneer and not stone at all. The stone itself is very porous and brittle so caution and the proper tools should be used when drilling or cutting to avoid breaking it. During the building process the veneer is essentially "glued” to a wood backer board using a rough metal product called lathe and mortar. THIS TYPE STONE WILL NOT HOLD UP A TV BY ITSELF!!!! A flat head screwdriver and a few pounds of pressure will pop a stone right off in your hand! You must penetrate all the way through the stone and mount to the wood (preferably a stud) behind it. Save yourself the cost of a new TV, play it safe and call a pro that has done it before. We've mount to this type stone all the time!

TV Installation Over Wood Burning Fireplace - Murfreesboro, TN

Flat Panel TV Installation

Above Fireplace TV Mounting Murfreesboro, TN

This client located in Murfreesboro, TN wanted a TV over their fireplace but was concerned about the heat a wood burning fireplace generated. We addressed all their concerns and provided all the products they needed to complete the task, including the TV, mounting bracket, cables, AC Outlet and more. The end result is stunning! A gorgeous room with beautiful decor and a spectacular view. The wire and components are hidden out of sight and the customer is in love with the design and layout of their new den.

Mounting a TV over a Wood Burning Fireplace.

When mounting a TV above a wood burning fireplace there are several things to be cautious of. The heat generated by a wood burning fireplace is far more intense than a vented or ventless gas fireplace. The cables running inside the wall including HDMI cables and AC electrical power wires have to be pulled up and away from the firebox. Also the cables should be Plenum rated although not required by NEC (National Electric Code). Plenum is jacketed with a fire-retardant plastic jacket with a much higher melting point than standard cables. The plenum plastic jacket also has a low toxicity smoke in the event that is does melt. One other consideration is the mantel. Be sure that the mantel is constructed to deflect heat out and away from the TV. We have only seen a fireplace melt a TV one time and it was due to there being no mantel at all. A good test is to get a fire going about as big as you will ever have going in the fireplace and after is has reached a steady full burn place your hand on the wall about two feet above the mantel. if you experience discomfort touching the wall then it's too warm for a TV.

TV Wall Mount Installation - Hendersonville, TN

Now where to put the Equipment?

On Wall TV Mounting Hendersonville, TN

This client located in Hendersonville, TN wanted their TV mounted over their fireplace, however there were windows to the left and right of the fireplace leaving no room to place the equipment on a piece of furniture beside the fireplace. They call us to come in and give them options for where they could place the cable box, Blu-Ray player and amazon FireTV. Having an attic above the room and a closet that backed up to the room gave us the perfect opportunity to place the components in the closet and run long HDMI cables to the TV. We also provided a Harmony Elite Remote to allow the components to be controlled from the living room through the walls and make the system easy to use. The customer loves the setup and is impressed with how easy it is to control.

Hiding Audio Video Equipment in another room or in a closet or cabinet.

Most of our customers don't want to see the audio video equipment like cable and satellite boxes, Blu-ray players, game systems and streaming media devices. We offer solutions that allow us to keep the components hidden out of sight in another room, in the attic, inside cabinets, behind the TV and more. We have hidden devices in some hard to imagine places including kitchen cabinets, pantries and even out in the garage... When the decision is made to hide equipment you have to keep in mind that most components remote controls are based on line of sight, meaning the remote sends infrared pulses of light to the electronics and needs to be in the same room and not covered up. We offer numerous control solutions including Infrared IR repeater systems and Radio Frequency RF or Internet / Network IP based remotes to answer the call. Contact Us Today and let us get your devices out of the way!

Outdoor TV on Patio Over Fireplace - Brentwood, TN

Outdoor Patio TV Installation

Outdoor TV installation On Wall Above Fireplace Brentwood, TN

This Outdoor TV Installation above a fireplace on a covered patio is located in Brentwood, TN. Extensive planning want into this project during construction to allow the TV to be mounted to the stone fireplace while protecting the TV from the elements. The cable box is hidden inside the cabinet at the bar and is controls as part of the home automation system that controls all the technology in this luxury smart home. The is a true outdoor oasis and the client loves every aspect of the system.

Mounting an Outdoor TV

There are several things to keep in mind when planning to mount a TV outside. Most importantly the elements like rain, snow and sun. We have found the a standard TV does just fine if it is located on a covered patio or porch. If the location you are planning to install an outdoor tv is not protected from the weather, there are TVs specifically designed to be mounted outside. Call us today to hear about all the options.

On Wall TV Mounting Over Fireplace Mt. Juliet, TN

Hiding Wires? Mission Impossible... For Some!

TV Mounted Over Fireplace Mount Juliet, TN

This client located in Mount Juliet, TN is a long term previous client. They have had us design and build movie rooms, mount numerous TVs, set up wireless networks and more in three different homes. In their current home the contracted us to again set up their network, provide several rooms of whole house audio and wall mount 4 TVs including this one... The other three Tv installations in the home where average on wall and above fireplace installs... This one however was a little more tricky to say the least. This TV is located on a screened in porch that is poured concrete and is on the side opposing the house. There was no power or cable signal present on the patio and no way to get above or below the area to get them there. By running conduit from the crawl space of the home around the patio and through the exterior side of the chimney we were able to provide cable signal and an AC electrical outlet and hide the cable box behind the TV. This job consumed almost an entire day, but the client really wanted a tv on the patio and we were happy to oblige.

Cable Box Hidden Behind the TV.

With cable and satellite receivers getting smaller every day, we are able to hide them almost anywhere. It's very popular now to mount the TV on the wall, hide the cable or satellite box behind the TV and rely on smart features built into the TV for other content. It makes for an easy to use and versatile system that can provide all the content you need and want

On Wall TV Installation to Ceramic or Porcelain Tile - Smyrna, TN

A Very Time Consuming Project!

TV Installation Mounting Service Smyrna, TN

This client recently purchased a newly constructed condo in Smyrna, TN. They contacted several of our competitors and upon inspecting the job they informed the client that they couldn't complete the job due to the mounting surface being tile and they didn't have the tools or experience to mount to this type of surface. Luckily the customer contacted us and we were able to get their TV mounted without any issues. Before we completed the installation we were introduced to several of the clients neighbors who live in units just like this one and ended up installing several TVs for them as well. United Audio Video Systems comes to the rescue when others can't.

Mounting a TV to Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Mounting to a ceramic or porcelain tile is a time consuming task and requires special tools due to the hardness of the material. Each hole drilled even though they are small can take up to 20 mins depending on the type of tile you have. Unless you want to purchase special tools we suggest leaving this type install up to the professional at United Audio Video Systems.

TV Mounted Over Stone Fireplace - Gallatin, TN

Plan Ahead!

TV on Stone Fireplace Gallatin, TN

Our customer in Gallatin ,TN started of his home building project right! He contacted us during the planning and design phase of his new home construction project and met with us to go over the plans and his needs before the construction began. We were able to hear all his needs for home technology and plan accordingly. One feature of the home was a fireplace constructed of real stone and he wanted a TV mounted above the mantel. We worked with his builder to ensure all the parts necessary to complete the task fell into place, including mounting the TV to the stone fireplace, installing 5.1 surround sound in the living room and locating all of the audio video components into a low voltage closet in a central location within the home. We are proud of the end result and the client loves the versatility and ease of use of the system.

Mounting a TV over a Stone or Brick fireplace

Unfortunately mounting a TV to a stone or brick fireplace isn't always possible without using molding to hide the wire unless you plan for it during construction. Stone and brick fireplaces are usually solid construction and don't allow you to hide the wires in the wall like ventless gas or chimney flue installations do. We have options in most cases, so give us a call and let us take a look at your individual situation and make recommendations.

On Wall TV Installation with SoundBar - Lebanon, TN

Add a Sound Bar or Surround Sound to any Tv Installation Service

Wall Mounted TV with Sound Bar Lebanon, TN

Located in Lebanon, TN this on wall TV over fireplace installation incorporated a Samsung Smart TV with a sound bar and AppleTv. The Harmony remote makes it a breeze to control and the customer loves the amount of content they have access to through all the smart features included. Along with this TV the customer had us wall mount a TV and soundbar upstairs in their master bedroom as well as a wall mount a TV downstairs in their gym. Now they can watch TV in the rooms of their home that they use the most.

Sound Bars and Surround Sound

United Audio Video Systems offers an extensive line of audio components including audio video receivers, soundbars and speakers. Let us design and install a 5.1, 7.1 surround sound system for you today. Our speaker selection includes in wall and in ceiling speakers as well as floor standing speakers, subwoofers and soundbars. Every room in your home show have great picture and great sound.

TV Over Fireplace with Surround Sound - Spring Hill, TN

Hidden Equipment and Automation

Wall Mounted TV with Surround Sound Spring Hill, TN

This client in Spring Hill, TN wanted a TV on the wall over the fireplace with surround sound, but didn't want speakers and other av equipment cluttering the room. We provided a passive soundbar that incorporates the front left, right and center channel speakers into one slim component the looks like a soundbar. We also install in ceiling speaker for the surround channels and located a subwoofer under an end table in the corner of the room. The equipment is hidden inside a cabinet beside the fireplace and the cable box and blu-ray player can be controlled with the doors closed thanks to a Harmony RF remote. It sounds as good as it looks and the customer couldn't be happier with the end result.

Controlling Hidden Audio Video Components

We offer a vast selection of control components including remotes and home automation product that allow us to hide equipment just about anywhere. Some even allow you to control your equipment with your smartphone or tablet via an app. Let us know where you want to place your components and we will find a solution to fit the bill.

Wall Mounted 85" Samsung LED TV Conference Room - La Vergne, TN

We do Conference Rooms Too! Commercial Installation Services

Wall Mounted TV Conference Room La Vergne, TN

This conference room located in La Vergne, TN includes a wall mounted Samsung 85" Smart TV provided by United AVS, connected to a cable box hidden above the drop tile ceiling, an apple tv mounted behind the tv and a desktop computer under the conference table. The client and his staff can watch tv through their cable provider, a movie through the smart features built into the tv or send content for the computer or a smartphone or tablet via the apple tv. this is a very versatile system and they office uses it daily for meetings customer consultations and entertainment. At 85 inches this is one of the largest flat panel Tvs on the market.

Commercial Installations Services for Your Business

Over the years we have designed and built more than a few conference rooms for our customers. Including TVs and projectors, telepresence video conferencing systems and more. Our systems are affordable, reliable and easy to use. Contact us to design a conference room for your business today.

Digital Signage and Menu Boards - Clarksville, TN

Spread your message with Digital Signage

Digital Signage and Menu Board Clarksville, TN

Digital Menu Boards are a necessity for any restaurant. This 3 display Digital Signage Menu Board is located in Clarksville, TN and is one of many we have installed for this client throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. We have installed Digital Signage and Menu Boards for numerous clients in restaurants and offices across the nation. Call today to inquire about your Digital Signage project.

Digital Signage and Menu Board Services

Digital Signage and Menu Boards are everywhere from the airport to hotels, office buildings, malls, hospitals and movie theaters. We offer solutions to help spread your messages and information on any scale you require. We have all in one plug and play solutions as well as customizable and scalable products to fit your needs. Let us design and install a digital signage or menu board solution for your business today.

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