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On-Wall TV Mounting and Installation

When it comes to On-Wall TV Installation there are a ton of questions to ask:
Where will it be mounted and how high will it go?
What kind of mount do I choose? Tilting, Fixed or Articulating?
Where will the other equipment like the cable / satellite box and DVD / Blu-Ray Player go?
Will the wires be hidden? How long of cables do I need?
How do I get power to the TV?
Do I use the TV speakers or do I add a Soundbar or Surround Sound?
Do I need a remote to consolidate all my remotes into one?
And the list goes on!

Once you ask yourself these questions... It begins to become more than the DIY project for most people!

Call a pro to get recommendations for the products and options that work best for you. We can offer a turnkey solution that fits your needs and budget, while saving you time and money trying to figure out all the options on your own!

Over Fireplace TV Mounting and Installation

With a TV installation over a fireplace, all the same questions come into play. But now it's a whole new ball game... The mounting surface may be rock or stone, the options for where to put the equipment are more limited (you can't simply put them under the TV anymore) and getting the wires ran inside the wall just got more difficult.

The bottom line is, every TV installation is different and every customer's needs are different. Let our pros do the dirty work and overcome all the obstacles, so all you have to do is enjoy your new TV.

AC Outlet Relocation

BUYER BEWARE!!! Many of the big box stores that offer TV installation are not insured, licensed nor allowed to install or relocate an AC outlet to power the TV's they sell. Also many of the smaller shops will quote you an installation price for a On-Wall or Over Fireplace TV installation and surprise you with hidden charges to add or relocate an AC outlet after the fact. Always be sure to ask if an AC Outlet is included or if there are additional charges!

At United Audio Video Systems we will always ask if power for the TV is present on the wall and include it in your quote if one is needed. If purchased with a TV installation our rates to add or relocate an outlet are less than an electrician and we are licensed and insured to perform ac outlet installations (proof of insurance available upon request). If choosing another provider be sure to ask if they have the appropriate insurance to cover these services.

Hidden Audio Video Equipment

So, you're dressing up the room by mounting your TV. But now where does the equipment go? The majority of our clients don't mind seeing the TV mounted on the wall or above the fireplace, however the cable box, satellite receiver, Blu Ray Player, Roku, Apple TV and other equipment are another story... Why not get them hidden out of sight? A nearby closet, Bookcase, or even kitchen cabinet will do the trick! We can hide your equipment just about anywhere!

With a few accessories you can hide all of your A/V equipment out of sight and still control it with ease!

Keep in mind that there are several other items you may need. A good surge protector to protect your new equipment is always a wise investment. We will include items like wall plates to keep everything nice and tidy at no additional charge and other home theater accessories and the options can be offered if you need them.

Remote Control

With every piece of home theater electronics you get a remote… by the time the system is complete you could have 4 to 8 of them. Do yourself a favor! Buy one more remote, to consolidate them all into an activity based remote to keep the system easy to use. You'll be glad you did when you press one button instead of having to fumble with 4 or more remotes to complete the same task.

Any Location Any Surface?

We have mounted TVs to ceilings, over 20 feet off the ground, inside, outside, to brick, wood, concrete, rock, stone, vinyl siding, hardie board and more. Bring your projects to us, We love a challenge. See Our TV Installation Gallery for Examples.

Networking & Wiring

New home theater systems needs a strong network to work properly. Streaming media services like Netflix, hulu, Amazon Video on Demand and others have become so popular that for some homes, if there's no Internet there's no TV. Most systems can use wired and wireless networks to remain stable and reliable. Be sure to let us know if you need to improve your wired or Wifi network to utilize these services.

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